FittingRoom came to mind purely from JCPenney's challenge to create futuristic shopping practices. With a wealth of experience in game development practices, it was a lot of fun to utilize the tech to explore and reinvent the shopping experience and try and bridge the rigid dichotomy between online and in-store shopping.

What it does

JCPenny's FittingRoom allows users to visualize what it will be like to shop in the future. Using augmented reality, photogrammetry and pattern-based cloth physics simulation, customers are able to see how they would look in outfits before purchasing them from the comfort of their own home.

In the future, All customers will have the ability to conveniently photoscan themselves. This means that, not only can you see yourself from a 3rd person perspective, but you can also utilize this exact scan of your body proportions to calculate how different clothes and accessories will look and fit.

How I built it

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Using my iphone, agisoft, and a lot of patience, We were able to scan in my likeness and proportions into a reasonably accurate 3d Model. We then took that model and cleaned up that data in Zbrush and Maya to ensure that it was game engine ready.

This gave us the capability to utilize Unity, Vuforia, Xcode, and the Adobe suite to piece together a prototype app that showcases the augmented reality experience.

We were also able to design proportional clothing patterns in MarvelousDesigner to calculate and simulate how those clothes would fit on any 3D model.

Challenges I ran into

We had a huge issue with getting a good 3d scan. Photogrammetry is a very accurate process when you have the equipment, however we were limited to a single Iphone. We spent many hours retaking pictures and cleaning data and we are reasonably happy with the upper torso scan.We tried several times to capture my whole body, but we had some messy results. So in place of me, we used a default avatar and continued the process of calculating it's proportions and generating accurate clothing sizes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a decent scan of myself from the shoulders up. We are also very proud of some of the cloth dress patterns we created.

What I learned

We learned a lot about photogrammetry practices and pattern-based cloth physics simulation.

What's next for JCPenney FittingRoom

Generating a larger better collection of assets to use on more professionally scanned in models.

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