There is no denying that the world is experiencing profound changes in the healthcare system, and as we believe in the power of technology to develop people's innovation and communication, we decided to utilize our expertise to make our project dedicated to the public health of Hajj performers.

What it does

Taree (طارئ) is a mobile application to provide fast paced urgent care. The application is designed to send medical team to help emergency cases inside Alsha'aer Al Muqadassa during busy Hajj period. Users will be able to share locations and photos of the cases to medical units and track the response in very simple and fast manner.

How we built it

To build "Taree", we combined the work of our team of five members with different backgrounds, a designer, developer, backend developer, frontend developer, and a project manager. We have mapped the who experience in frames and sat up the mood board for each step. Moreover, developers have used multiple frameworks and languages/softwares including the following: React, React-Native, firebase, google maps,, azure, html5, javascript, bootstrap, equerry, css3, adobe illustrator, photoshop,, and sql.

Challenges we ran into

We had to make sure that the app experience is automated for the most part and that does not require any third parties, but it was challenging to validate the eligibility of medical care attention. However, with proper set of quick validation criteria, we were able to minimize chances of false alarms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud about the facts that none of us all five members knew each other before this event. All from different backgrounds, cultures, locations, yet we were able to form a team and agree to work and achieve one goal.

What we learned

We have learned that every opinion and every idea matters, small or big. Changes occurs all the time, but the most important things is to all agree that this change is for the better of the quality our work.

What's next for J-097-Taree

We are now finishing up the initial designs, and also started developing the app in parallel.

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