The idea came to us after we saw lots of trash containers in our home town and the managing of it so how we could solve this issue.

What it does

Basically we need something to monitor the fill level of trash container, locate it and report us the important details like location, fill level and route optimization.

How we built it

We used third party hardware just for to get the proper information the rest of the idea is in our software. So the main software about receiving a GPS location and the fill level container indicator upload it into the gateway cloud in order to retrieve it and display it on the software. The goal to make the Command and control unit of haj and have full information when where and how to take trash waste in less time with moderate number of labor and route optimization with out causing any road disturb.

Challenges we ran into

Most challenges were in how we get information from third party without any intervention from the third party. Getting access to cloud, and most important finish technical problem in short time that's our big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have succeeded in finding an idea that we know it can help the community world wide and at the same time the hajj

What we learned

Basically sky is the limit a big platforms for all team to develop and enhance there idea and solution

What's next for J-087-TAHIR

The next is more efficiency and more application. TAHIR can be used to monitor Toxic Waste and locate and deliver important data. TAHIR also can be used to allocate, monitor and control any subject for any purpose.

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