A random conversation with my mom about a newspaper article on farmers' suffering due to crop loss after the latest bout of unexpected rain is what sowed the seeds for this idea.

What it does

Staying informed via various sensors, this app, along with its inverted umbrella hardware allows farmers to prevent unduly floods. It is achieved by pro-actively diverting and collecting rainwater during harvest season, when it is harmful to the crops, and storing it for a sustainable future, ready for any drought that might lay ahead.

How I built it

This concept is depicted here in Android Studio animations and IoT sensor results' simulation. IoT devices like soil and weather sensors working in conjunction with machine learning will evolve this into a completely automatic farming system, where farmers do not have to worry about crops being spoilt due to either scarcity or excess water.

Challenges I ran into

With a very abstract concept that is hardly days old and absolutely no graphic designing experience, building this Farmer's ('learning to be independent soon') Assistant using Android Studio buttons and a lot of simulations without any help and in less than 10 hours was definitely a fun challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The complete simulation (except rain and crops) are simply well-designed buttons. It still conveys the message across efficiently. It's a small thing, but since I've worked in backend but am a newbie at UI, this little thing made me really proud of myself.

What's next for Inverted Umbrella Farming

Working with Call For Code on the integration of IoT devices to monitor soil composition and moisture level. This will allow us to gather data on the quality and quantity of crops with respect to different soil compositions and moisture levels. This will, in turn, allow us to efficiently and accurately predict best plant-soil combinations for optimal quality and quantity.

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