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The core functionality of a watch is to tell time. However, many people have a hard time telling how long it will take them to get from place to place. What if your watch could tell you exactly when to leave to make it to your class, meeting, dinner, or party on time?

The inTime app hopes to do just that!

How it works

Using the built-in calendar on the inWatch Z, the inTime app notifies users when they have to leave to go to their next event. The GPS and pedometer sensors of the inWatch allow the app to locate users and measure the time it takes to get from point A to point B.

Challenges We ran into

We didn't just want to make an Android app that runs on the inWatch smartwatch, we wanted to make an app for the inWatch smartwatch. Too many android wear apps are just smartphone apps scaled down on a smaller screen--that means

What's next for inTime

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