It is safe to say that most of us have experienced the pains of trying to find the perfect job. We go through multiple rounds of interviews, tons of technical questions, personality assessments and dealing with HR; Not to mention traveling all around the city, from interview to interview while carrying your laptop, it can be exhausting.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of employers simply do not provide feedback on why they hired one candidate over the other. You are always left wondering where you went wrong. “Could I have worn a better outfit?” “Did I bomb that last question”? “How could I have done better?”. Even worse is when you take a new position just to find out 30 days down the line that it’s not the right culture fit.

More than 50% of full-time American employees spend more time at work than with their families or anyone else in there lives. We have a strong belief that when a person works with people they are compatible with, they live happier more productive lives.

That is why we built a platform to alleviate the stress of finding a rewarding role and at the same time streamlining the hiring process for both candidates and companies.

Meet Interview IQ

Interview IQ is an intelligent video interviewing platform designed to create a constant feedback loop between candidates and employers.

Our proprietary matchmaking algorithm performs sentiment analysis on a company's mission statement. In addition to gathering personality insights on a candidate's resume, we also perform an analysis on common interview questions that are answered during their profile creation. We then use this data to intelligently match people with organizations based on culture fit and skill set. We provide both parties with insights into the overall process and give them key metrics that can aid in making more informed decisions.

To facilitate communication, we use Twilio to enable real time voice and video that allows employers to digitally interview candidates. Candidates can take interviews on any device from anywhere in the world. This drastically reduces the amount of time, expense and inconvenience involved in the traditional hiring process, allowing employers to interview more candidates.

Additionally, our “speed interviewing” system allows hiring managers to passively pre-screen and virtually interview over 100 candidates per hour. Since the answers to the interview questions are pre-recorded, there is no need to schedule with the candidate in advance. It is a win-win scenario. Employers get to know the candidate face to face before reaching out for a formal meeting and candidates get the opportunity to practice answering typical interview questions and put their best face forward.

We believe the result will be a more open and transparent hiring process where talented individuals can learn how to better market themselves and employers will be able to more efficiently identify star candidates that will fit within with their company's culture.

About the Hackathon

AT&T hosted at the 3rd annual AT&T Mobile Hackathon at Bathhouse Studios in NYC. Over 794 people registered for the event and developer evangelists from companies like IBM, Intel and Twilio were onsite to assist with mentorship and development.

The event was sponsored by:

  • AT&T Developer Program
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Intel Technology
  • Twilio Communications
  • Nuance Mix

InterviewIQ was awarded the grand prize of $5k and a chance to be entered as a semi-finalist at the AT&T Developer Summit and take a trip to Las Vegas to pitch live on stage at the conference and compete for a chance to win $20,000!

Meet Anthony

Anthony Delgado is a full stack developer and technology hero at websignia, a digital strategy and innovation agency. websignia has worked with a wide variety of different companies including sports, media, entertainment, healthcare, government agencies and non-profits.

Anthony has been an explorer of the digital space for over a decade. From transforming start-ups into multi-million dollar organizations, to helping nonprofits develop digital solutions to real world problems, Anthony’s passion is using software to help change the way people interact with the world around them.

Meet Joe

Joseph Pulaski is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. Spending the past decade in consultancy for several start-ups and private clients, he has been constantly observant and has a keen eye for problem solving. Joseph develops software and has built applications for both web and mobile use in various industry verticals. Holding to the ideal that solutions are only solutions if everyone wins is what Joseph sees as “The Secret Sauce”.

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