Originally, we had tried the fizz buzz problem, and then moved onto the Baby Shark problem. After doing this, we decided to take the Baby Shark song, which was a simpler idea and familiar to us, and put out own twist on it. We wanted users to be able to hear the tune being expressed to them, and with different voices. ## Inspiration

This application allows for users to pick the pitch/gender of the voice, then choose one voice from a variety of different voices with different accents to recite the Baby Shark song to the users.## What it does

We built it using XCode, with swiftUI to form the iOS application. To get the text to speech voices, we used AVSpeechSynthesizer. ## How we built it

Going into this assignment, my partner and I both had never used SwiftUI before, and had only used simpler languages such as HTML and Python. Luckily, we had mentors to help us through the unknown and provide us with knowledge. We tried to dabble with Storyboard as well, another new program. ## Challenges we ran into

We are proud of what we created, as we did not even think that it would be possible to finish. Although we may not fully understand, we are still proud that we were able to pick up a bit of the information and be able to utilize it. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned about Storyboard, SwiftUI, and AVSpeechSynthesizer. We also learned that it is incredibly important to have mentors by our sides to help us through our struggles. ## What we learned

Hopefully soon, International Sharks will be able to broaden the voice pool, providing a non-binary gender option as well as many other voices. Although before that, we would like to refine the program and makie it neater and more engaging. ## What's next for International Sharks

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