Millions of people do not opt for insurance policies for their travel and other events even though they sense the necessity because they are technically challenged and they find it really hard to buy an insurance policy online as they are process-heavy. *Currently, the conventional methods for these users to buy an insurance is either offline or through time-consuming form fill-ups. *

I wanted to change the way the insurance industries work for billions of technically challenged and this kept me inspired throughout this hackathon.

What it does

Insure Assist is a ghost assistant which monitors your smartphone for incoming travel ticket purchase related SMS, email, notification etc... and can invokes a simple one-click Insure Assist Window which contains all the travel data extracted from the purchase confirmation message using cloud trained Natural Language Processing and pre-fills the insurance form for the user to view and purchase travel insurance in one click through Solartis Leisure Travel APIs.

Insure Assist can also be invoked from any screen on a smartphone just by copying the travel message and the ghost assist is invoked and is capable of analysing and extracting the travel-related context from the screen and recommend eligible insurance policies to the user using Solartis Leisure Travel APIs. The user can easily buy the insurance policy in just one-click.

Business Case:

  1. Imagine an elderly person who don't understand the Internet and smartphone, and is travelling to Paris from Georgia.
  2. He books his travel ticket online or through a travel agent.
  3. He receives a travel ticket confirmation message either as SMS or Email.
  4. Without our assistant app, the user had to buy the insurance either offline at insurance vendors or fill a long run form online, which is the most difficult part for the technically challenged.
  5. With our assistant app installed and configured, our assistant will sense a travel-related message on users phone and sends the data to the trained cloud Natural Language Processing module to process the data. The cloud module in-turn sends the extracted travel-related data like source location, destination location, travel date, travel cost etc... to the assistant.
  6. Using which the assistant will pre-fill the insurance purchase form and shows the eligible benefits of the insurance to the user in an assistant window using Solartis Travel Rating APIs.
  7. The user can go through the policy premium and coverage and make a purchase in one-click.
  8. Where the payment details which was pre-stored in the assistant is sent used to make a purchase using Solartis Travel Create Customer API and Solartis Travel Pay-Issue API.
  9. The user gets a purchase confirmation with the link to download his Insurance Policy.
  10. **User travels without fear. :)


  1. The same trained NLP based data extraction can be implemented on Google Assistant for Android devices above version 8 and on FB Messenger and other famous chat platforms as well.
  2. The same assistant can be modified to work for other purchase-related data as well.
  3. I had planned to implement real-time language translation of the insurance coverage where the complex terminologies get translated to the user's native language, but I didn't, for the sake of simplicity for the hack.

How I built it

I built it using,

  1. Android
  2. Amazon Lex
  3. Google Cloud NLP & NLP modules
  4. Coffee & Enthusiasm for changing the insurance industry for technically challenged. :)

Technical Implementation here: link

Tech Implementation

Challenges I ran into

Sometime I could not understand why my Solartis APIs are not working the way they should be working. Figuring out my mistakes in my API request took me a lot of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An application which can help any technically challenged person on this earth to buy an insurance policy in one-click.

What's next for Insure Assist

When I gave this prototype to my uncle who is technically challenged, he was able to understand the usefulness of app and its impact on his frequent travel. He was super happy with my innovation.

Similarly, I would like to see my solution changing the lives of billions and for that, I need complete support from the Solartis team, as I believe the biggest ideas need the greatest mentors and supporters. Fingers crossed. :)

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