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This Instant Flight App was inspired by planning last minute exploratory trips. Oftentimes, due to busy work schedules, people do not have spare cycles to create trip plans. Since budgets have been a historically high deciding factor on the feasibility of select travel destinations, the ability to instantly align select travel destinations with budgets will make trip planning effortless. The purpose of this app is to do just that, to plan your travel INSTANTLY, by price.

Although we have the traditional online travel agency such as Priceline, Expedia, and etc., none of them currently offer the option of viewing all the potential airport destinations from a given originating airport. However, Splunk’s ability to handle real-time and historical data can make this happen.

As of now, the ability to see all destination airports on the map and color-coded by their flight ticket price is a notable accomplishment. This map was built using D3 and Topojson since the existing mapping tools were limiting from adopting directly.

USE CASE 1: Airline company uses this app to gauge the market landscape and set their prices competitively.
USE CASE 2: Travel agency can use this app to show its customers of all the potential flight options from an originating airport..

Key Components

  • TA for handling airfare specific data
    • This is done using a modified version of the JSON file from Google's QPXExpress API
  • Splunk Django Binding App


Some of the features that's working right now.

  • Real time prices of all destination based on the origin show on maps
  • Drill down panel to show all airports to choose as origin
  • Map color changed based on price as heat map
  • Lowest prices chart (Top 10)
  • Highest price chart (Top 10)
  • Delay Information
  • Historical Price Analysis


Installation is recommended to be performed via the command line.

Demo Data and Extra info

Demo Generator data python scripts has been provided within the archive. The link to the demo data is :


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