Finding out that we had to go to university but we had almost no idea on what the different finances were made us extremely nervous, and wondering why there was no way for youth to engage in financial literacy in a fun and informative way.

What it does

A financial literacy social network, using surveys from university kids going through similar struggles and experiences to recommend you various different info on subtopics such as OSAP, tuition, etc. When we ask you certain questions such as financial income, area of living ,etc. the information is given to you and you are connected with group chats about these topics, run by mentors and filled with like-minded individuals who ask the same questions as you regarding finance. These mentors run Q&A's every week and then develop these intimate relationships with different people. Mentors are paid through funds and donations.

How I built it

The prototype website was made with HTML as well as PHP, CSS, as well as making the logo on Illustrator and Photoshop.

Built With

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