We saw an glaring fragmentation between ideas, events and companies

What it does

  • Creates a repository not only of Hackathon submission but also of pitch competitions and Accelerator/Incubator/Coworking companies to support each other's growth

How we built it

  • Mongo, Ruby on Rails, python, adobe-illstra

Challenges we ran into

  • Many of the event/pitch/hackathon/etc sites do not have APIs and required some scraping.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We're proud of creating a front and back end entry point as well as creating a database of companies and projects.

What we learned

  • Most people in Baltimore don't know about Hackathons, or all of the coworking spaces in Baltimore and many great ideas fizzle out simply because they didn't win.

  • Specific to our team we learned integration across different languages including, but not limited to:ruby-on-rails, mongodb, nosql, python, etc.

What's next for Innovation portal

  • we have a very long list of future functions including project and event submission, connections for different organizations whose function might align with ideas across events and scaling this out to different regions.
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