In our everyday life, we've encountered the problem that we missed news because we're lacking time to read all the news articles.

What it does

It aggregates popular articles and summarizes them for you. It also provides a text-to-speech system as well as a speedreading mechanism.

How I built it

We started building a wireframe on paper and then a high-fidelity prototype in Illustrator. One of us then started developing the backend, and one developed the frontend. Simultaneously, another team member prepared a story and worked out the value proposition.

Challenges I ran into

As it was our first hackathon, we weren't quite aware of the time being so tight and the team management being challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Many of the other participants and mentors were convinced by the idea and we're proud that we made a product with most of the features working.

What I learned

We learned a lot about project management and time management. Also, we learned that staying awake for >30h may not be the best idea. ;-)

What's next for Infoshot

We might conduct a survey and catch a few opinions about our concept. Then, we will improve it and try to create a great product.

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