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  Incredible Alert is an android Application which gives you an incredible alerts while crossing your junctions. There is a two way safety system included this application.
  1. Watch the Road through the Phone.

  2. Access traffic signals on phone itself.

It is very helpful to pedestrians as well as drivers while moving on roads. There is a provision to control accidents on road. The total Description is provided below.

App Description The Application is Connected through GPS and FireBase systems. The application will take frames of your camera and visualise on your screen. The screen becomes semi transparent, So that you can chat or play while still using the application.The application is background service and runs while you move on with your apps. This app has given small overlay button to get current traffic at that junction. When you click on the button, Depending on your moving direction you will get traffic symbols on your phone Red light for stop, and green for go and orange for Neutral. When signal turns to Red Color Phone will vibrate to get your attention on road.


  1. When you turn on your application, A service will be started and a notification has given in notification bar.
  2. Then application will open back camera and projects a transparent view on mobile screen.
  3. It is Overlay and it is not touchable and there will be no events for that view, So the user can freely move from one app to other without closing this app.
  4. This app will continue to run in background, and user can able to see through phone while moving on roads.
  5. There is a small button at corner of mobile, which gives provision to send your GPS location. Depending on GPS location you will receive a traffic Junction name. The listener on phone will start listening on the junction name.
  6. While moving, at top right corner of phone it will show you in which direction you are moving i:e North, NorthEast or, other….
  7. The firebase listener will listen depending on your moving direction and get the traffic signal from firebase servers.
  8. The updates are accurate to 400milliseconds. Depending on the signal Mobile Vibrates and shows red or green or neutral status.
  9. From the notification bar you can turn off your app.

Background Work The traffic signal status is currently edited from browser. This should be automated. All the traffic signals status should be updated on firebase server using JSON requests. Each traffic Pole GPS Coordinates has been saved in database with radius of that Junction.

Extension of Idea This Application can be used by the drivers to control their vehicle Break systems. When they are moving towards junctions, Depending on signal status an arduino controlled motor can be used to pull the breaks. I have made a small robot, where all the motors are controlled from the arduino through wireless message. There is a video link given below where a prototype is operated from mobile through a wireless message. check this


  We can add proximity sensor  like this and estimate the dangers coming towards each other. This will make you alert when someObject is coming in range of 5 feet distance from you. Currently proximity sensor ranges from 5cm to 7cm. In future we can expect the proximity sensors of this kind.

Conclusion Thank you for giving opportunity to share my idea. If this idea has properly implemented, pedestrians can move safely on Roads and alerts were given at right time on Traffic Intersection Points. Incredible Alert, "An Alert to save your Life..."

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