A news article about a man who tried to take the SATs and score the minimum possible score on it, by getting every single question wrong. It turns out that this was significantly more difficult than expected, as he ended up getting at least one question right 7 out of 9 times he attempted the test.

What it does

{in}Correct is a twisted trivia game that requires you to answer incorrectly to a series of multiple choice questions in a range of different categories. The user gets points for each {in}Correct answer, and can use a hint feature in exchange for points.

How we built it

We used the Swift programming language in Xcode and built on from a basic quiz template, improving the functionality, GUI and added other features.

Challenges we ran into

Using APIs to randomize the questions: It turned out to be harder than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our first app and our first Hackathon ever!

What we learned

Fundamentals of Swift programming, UX/UI design, API integration using JSON, Objective C principles.

What's next for {in}Correct Quiz App

1) A randomizing feature which switches randomly between our "twisted" variation and the regular quiz version, making the game even more challenging. 2) Implementing a timer functionality. 3) Increasing the difficulty level progressively. 4) Allowing for multiplayer and Game Center integration.

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