Immersive Flight combines exciting immersive experience of flying like birds through the 3D environment, with the enjoyment of learning more about these beautiful creatures.


This game consists of two sections: Home section, and the main game.

Home section

The home section has dual purposes: It plays the role of game's home screen, and also can be used as a learning tool for getting information about 12 different species of birds (Blue Jay, Cardinal, Chickadee, Crow, Gold Finch, Golden Eagle, Great-Horned Owl, Mallard, Pigeon, Robin, Seagull, and Sparrow).

The main Game

The main game is where you can fly smoothly and freely within 3D environment, and have a enjoyable immersive experience.


Controls (home section)

In home section the camera position doesn't change. The user can use both tapping on touch pad, and pressing controller keys (A or Right Shoulder) for selecting the birds and interacting with the interface (by using the gaze).

Controls (main game)

The player can use both controller (Analog Stick L ), and touch pad to control the the flight speed and direction (Although the preferred and the more enjoyable method is using the controller, but we wanted to make sure that the players who have not controllers can also enjoy the game).

To start flying the player should push the Analog Stick L up (for controller), or swipe up and keep her/his finger on touch pad.

I preferred to not use the head direction for controlling the direction of movement, because I wanted to make it possible for the player to look around when she/he is flying.


Mechanics (home section)

5 different birds are sitting, and the user can select each of them to fly as (Golden Eagle, Great-Horned Owl, Mallard, Pigeon, and Seagull). Many other birds (7 different types) which are flying (and sometimes sitting) can only be selected for getting information about them.

Mechanics (main game)

The goal of the main game is to collect as many gifts and points as possible in a limited time. The player should avoid hitting the obstacles and should skilfully control the flight to collect gifts. Selecting the best path through 3D environment will be another challenge for the player.

The smooth game mechanics and smooth flight makes immersive experience of the game comfortable.


What makes the game almost unique is the combination of the two parts of it each one with a different sense of immersion: The informative home section with funny flying birds, which may pass in front of your eyes, and the exciting immersive flight experience at the main game.

By referring to different references about birds, and getting information about their weights, dimensions, and maximum flight speed, and looking at some videos about them, I tried to simulate the physics of the flight of the 5 main birds, the frequency of their flapping and its sound pitch as accurate as possible, and fine tuned the properties for each bird.

The heuristic method used to indirectly control the different aspects of the flight (In addition to using unity physics engine), and changing the flapping frequency is another key point that makes the simulated flight experience more real.

Some points

  • Use earphones/headphones to hear the flapping, wind and the environmental sounds.
  • To have a more simple control, I suggest using a controller instead of touch pad.
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