The imghash was born after my last job at a TV station. I wanted a way to monitor local news like I did when working at a station but was time to automate. imghash adds 3 hashes to your data based on a URL. From here I can look at the images used in a story, see how often the images changes, if the same image is used across different sites. This new command has allowed me to start doing just that.

By default average, perception, and difference hashes are generated. Flags in your search can turn a hash off if desired. The link below explains how each algorithm works.

Other use cases:

  • Find duplicate images on your hard drive
  • Monitor social sites image use
  • Look for duplicate uploads to you web site

Tested against splunk 6.2 on OSX 10.10. There is a good chance the bundled PIL library will need to be updated for your platform.

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