Inspired by our lack of knowledge in sustainability (e.g. which items go in what bin) and desire to learn, we decided to create a hack that taught about this subject in an interactive way.

What it does

Our hack teaches basic sustainability through a quiz-style web app. Our target audience is elementary to middle school students. We realize sustainability is not taught enough at schools, so we made it our goal to have users at least learn one new thing. Learning is being done at every step; after every question, an explanation for the correct answer pops up.

Our approach: Incentives

Our uniqueness comes from our learning incentive scheme; the more questions you answer, the more items you get to add to your online terrarium! That's right, make a cute and sustainable terrarium that can be shared.

Our approach: Visual Based Learning

Studies show that data visualization yields a more powerful and memorable learning experience. That's why our multiple choice options include images.

We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear a piece of information, and three days later you'll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you'll remember 65%. (, Vision Trumps All Other Senses)

Our approach: Reduce Short-term Memory Load

Because learning doesn't happen at first glance and short-term memory can only do so much for us, we made sure to include a, "Here's What I Learned," infographic at the end of the quiz to summarize concepts learned and keep with the theme of visual-based learning.

How we built it

  • We brainstormed ideas for our hack-to-be
  • Drew mockups
  • Divided work to be done
  • Simultaneously worked on the hack
  • Done~

Challenges we ran into

During the beginning, we thought ambitiously about having more features on our web app. But as we soon realized, the scope of the project was bigger than the time frame allotted. 36 hours was not enough time, so we narrowed down our hack to basic functionalities. Another challenge we ran into, was figuring out our selling point. Our original idea of having quiz functionality was not a good enough reason for users to come back to our site. Our solution was the DIY terrarium, which mimics drag-and-drop games popular among kids.

Accomplishments we're proud of

This was the first time we worked on a hack and will demo! So we're pretty excited about that :)

What we learned

We learned the technologies used for this hack.

What's next for

Like we mentioned before, 36 hours was not enough time to fully refine our narrowed down idea. For future improvements we'd like to:

  1. Draw our own images for multiple choice options, because currently, they are just images borrowed from the internet.

  2. Polish up the UI more, including playing around with color palettes, fonts, and other small details.

  3. Build more pages and modules that categorize questions based on topic.

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