We are a team made up of 3 UWaterloo students and 1 high school student. We often experience stress and other challenges in our daily lives that can make it hard to take care of our mental health. As mindfulness is one of the ways towards better mental health and habits, we decided to create a unique habit tracking app.

Some of us, having been avid users of habit-tracking apps, recognized some issues with the existing ones available: some apps were very overwhelming, others were tedious and felt like a task, and some even required you to pay in order to use all of its features. In order to combat this problem, we created Ignite, an app that gamifies habit tracking and helps promote healthy habit formation. Ignite is accessible, easy to use, interactive, and fun.

What it does

Since Ignite is a habit tracking app, it provides the option to track your mood, sleep, physical activity, daily activity, substance use, and food & water intake. Users also have the option to add and customize their own unique goals. We want users to be able to keep track of their behaviours, feelings, and thoughts so we also included a journal feature. In order to ensure privacy, we did not make Ignite an account-focused app. Users can start using Ignite as soon as they open it, no login is required. Users are only required to add a password during the onboarding process to help protect sensitive information. If they wish to use Ignite on another device, they can simply export raw data through the settings. Lastly, we incorporated a feature where users can create and track their own goals, in order to make sure the Ignite experience is useful and personal to them.

Unlike other tracking apps, Ignite gamifies habit tracking. The user takes care of our app mascot Sparky and contributes to his growth as they complete their own goals and maintain good habits; in other words, as you level up, so does Sparky. The user’s goal is to keep Sparky alive and thriving, and prevent him from burning out; this helps to encourage maintaining good habits and allows users to feel a sense of accomplishment as they complete their goals.

How we built it

We built a high-fidelity prototype using Figma and Adobe Illustrator for any original graphics, such as the logo and main character/mascot.

Challenges we ran into

As our team is made up of 1 coder and 3 designers, we had a tough time at first deciding which route to take (website, app etc. would it be too much for one person?) We felt that a better direction for us would be to focus on UI/UX and cover all of the features we would like to. We decided to use Figma and mock-up a high-fidelity prototype for a gamified habit tracker. This way, we could work on improving our app design skills and usability and all learn something new.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ideation and virtual collaboration as a team that didn’t know one another and had never worked together. We feel that we accomplished the task of creating a fun and prospective resource that could help people improve overall wellbeing

What we learned

We learned how to virtually collaborate, organize our time, and use Figma for high-fi prototyping with interactivity

What's next for Ignite

It would be nice to find sponsors or generate funding to put towards further developing our app. We would have to involve more experienced coders and game developers in order to make our app a fully functional, finished product/resource.

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