In times of crisis it is important that all of us stick together for the greater cause. This allows us to leverage different capabilities and skills of a diverse team and have a positive impact on Switzerland in the fight against the Coronavirus.

What it does

In our ICUCH application we aggregate all available information and data to analyse the real-time ICU bed availability of all Swiss hospitals. The application helps medical professionals to identify bottlenecks and forecast spare capacity as early as possible. It supports fast decision making and action taking.

How we built it

We created a front-end web application with back end integration supported by AI (SIR) model.

Challenges we ran into

Time constrain, data partially available which led us to take some assumptions.

Accomplishments that we proud of

Achieving challenging timelines by leveraging the different skills of team members.

What we learned

Getting together and organising a team in a very short time.

What's next for ICUCH - Capacity Tracer

Next steps to make current prototype operational:

  • Add login mechanism for medical professionals.
  • Include booking system for managing allocations.
  • Extend data with additional real-time sources.
  • Strengthen the forecasting model (A.I. driven) with local information.

Future potential:

  • Extend with additional medical equipment, e.g. life support machines.
  • Provide access to medical suppliers.
  • Open to research centers, developers via API (revenue generation).
  • Open to the public.
  • Use anonymized data of patients to create risk profiles.
  • Extend scope beyond Switzerland.
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