Icebreaker is an app designed to bridge the gap between public social interactions. When people move to a new school or town, you'll often see cafes and cafeterias full of lone eaters -- one person alone at a table with another alone at the table next to them. Approaching others can be difficult as it's often tough to determine whether someone wants to be approached or not -- they could be waiting for friends or just want some time alone. With Icebreaker, rather than pulling out your phone to seem less awkward, you can broadcast your availability for a chat to everyone within 300ft of you. Everyone with the app installed will get a push notification on their phone letting them know that someone wants to break the ice. Upon opening the app, they'll see the sender's photo, first name, short bio, and interests. Accepting the invitation will open up a chat allowing the parties to determine a location to meet up and break the ice.

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