Moving in and out of the United States can be difficult. Traditional methods of getting access to personal portfolio data limits access to important background information such as banking, lending, education, employment and other data important for moving to new countries. Currently, no marketplace offers users this information easily. i-Pass provides this information in the form of a wallet that is built upon a trust score. A Trust score helps to alleviate uncertainty when attempting to immerse oneself into a new community.

What it does

i-Pass gamifies the process of receiving endorsements from friends, family, professionals, mentors, professors and supporters in order to encourage them to validate the individual's character. The i-Pass platform allows individuals to distribute and manage access to their data which gives them the power to settle into a new community quickly.

i-pass works to solve identification, regulation, and payments challenges under one platform.

Challenge #1 Identification i-Pass uses blockchain technology to allow traditional and alternative data to be captured, stored and validated.

Challenge #2 Regulation Our platform is borderless and regulation is not needed. i-Pass gives individuals control over their data.

Challenge #3 Payments Our reliable Trust Score will allow peer-to-peer payment processing and lending based on the use of time-stamped applications. For example, Jennifer is in Japan and need's a $500 micro-loan. She'll submit a request to her network of influencers (friends, family and supporters). The lender can accept the time-stamped contract in order to make the loan to the student.

How I built it

The i-Pass team crowdsourced skills to build a Blockchain Application. We bridged the gap between Front-end Developers and Back-end (Ethereum Developers) to design, code, debug and test our application. For the Front-end we used a task runner Gulp.Js to develop a simple but quality interface. We incorporated Consensys for their u-Port Authentication Identity tool.

Challenges I ran into

There was doubt and skepticism but with mentorship and encouragement from Consensys, Qtum, Discover and Jim we were able to make a great platform. -Some front-end issues in the beginning -Dependencies wouldn't install

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Most Diverse in skill-sets -60% female -Persistent -Really excited to learn pug -Happy to get exposure!

What I learned

We learned that teamwork from complete strangers could still make dream work! We also learned to cooperate and work with multiple ideas to create one solution

What's next for i-Pass

We would like to keep communication open, gain more resources from the vendors and supporters of this Code-a-thon to aid in further developing this platform. We're interested in the next steps!

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