The team is inspired to make this world a better place by promoting zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle. We aim to encourage people to make small changes in their lifestyle and provide the right information.

What it does

A social media app that focuses on encouraging sustainable actions, for people who want to start but are not sure how to start, will make it easier for them to take action.

How we built it

We conducted market research with Survey Monkey, collected around 40 responses. The first iteration of the prototype is built using Glide The second iteration is

Challenges we ran into

We had debates over what features to include in our MVP, but we were able to reach an agreement in the end. It was also challenging to come up with a market research plan, the survey and the business model in such a short time

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our assumptions of the market is mostly on track, that people needs motivation to keep being or start being sustainable. There are things that came as a surprise, but we incorporated those into our solution as we go. We iterated over 2 prototypes and the final version is a lot more refined and unique, which would grab more attention from our new users!

What we learned

We found out that learning new tools and new skill in a short amount of time is challenging. We also learned on how to excel under tight constraints.

What's next for HYF Susti

Incorporate machine learning and AI in the app. Implement security scheme in the app. Improve the app features. Get more insights from environmentalists and scientists.

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