Today, 3D mathematical concepts are taught in 2D making them confusing and dry. We decided to change that by allowing students to interact with 3D math concepts through VR.

What it does

We present math the way it should be: EigenVR can cover topics like Data, Functions, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Formula Manipulation, Equation Solving, Interactive Computation, and more!

How I built it

We used Adobe Illustrator to make our vision for the user interface. Then we implement the views and functionalities in Unity3D, tested on a HTC Vive based off the prototype.

Challenges I ran into

  • How to make the scenes the way we wanted.
  • Bugs that come along while developing in Unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Having a working prototype.
  • The impact that EigenVR can make: improving the quality of education.
  • The app ideas is authentic having great potentials for further development.

What I learned

Develop VR app in Unity3D with SteamVR

What's next for EigenVR

We will improve the app look like our UI vision and porting it to IOS and Android. Envision our planning for making EigenVR the complete “Out-of-Classroom” experience.

  • Collaborate with publishers to adapt textbooks for VR
  • Enhance the K-12 education with educational VR gaming
  • Develop virtual classroom for study partners and tutors
  • Potential for quizzes and course progress tracking
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