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HootSuite is a great tool for managing and monitoring your Twitter accounts. However, it's rather difficult to export search data. That's why I wrote HootSuite Extractor (HSE).

With HSE, you can export your search streams as shareable HTML reports.

Here's how it works:

  1. Download & install the HSE Chrome Extension. I haven't uploaded this to the Chrome webstore yet, so you'll have to install it as an "unpacked extension," but don't worry, it's only scoped to HootSuite's domain.

  2. Create your search streams in HootSuite and click the extension icon. The extension grabs the HTML source for the entire page and feeds it to a Flask webapp. Search streams

  3. Input your original search terms as a comma separated list (e.g. #brunch, hackathon) and click Run Report. It can take 2-3 minutes to process the data. Hang in there. Add search terms

  4. Voila! HSE will render a report with tweets separated by search term. It's automatically uploaded on S3, so you can share it with colleagues, clients, etc. The report


There are some bugs & issues here and there - but it works. If you've got ideas for improvement, let me know!

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posted an update

Blerg. HootSuite just changed over their CSS & layout code, and I just know it breaks HSE. So yeah, I have to refactor this whole mess soon.

Pro: I'll probably make it better & try to eliminate the server side part. Con: I have zero time to work on this -- so if someone else wants to help me out - that'd be friggin awesome. I'll even open up the source on GitHub.

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