An iOS and Pebble app to help keep the busy New Yorker on track.

What the app does

  • Install the Honeybee task management app on the iPhone and the Pebble using the Pebble app store.
  • Ensure that your Pebble is connected to your iPhone.
  • Create a task in the task management app and select the location of where you task is to be accomplished on the iPhone.
  • The app automatically updates your Pebble with the list you created on the iPhone.
  • You can view your tasks on your Pebble watch and mark them as complete from there, which will update the list on your iPhone, as well.
  • Additionally, when you are in proximity to the location of where you could accomplish your task, The iPhone sends a notification to your Pebble, which in turn notifies you with a vibration that you are in range of the location that is relevant to completing your task.
  • You may either complete the task or snooze it, which gives you the options of ignoring the alert of proximity for 1 hour or 1 day.

Technologies and tools used

  • Created a geofence within a set radius of user's task location (wireless "fence" that you walked into an area and receive an alert) using the Google Maps API.
  • Required researching different libraries that were written either in Swift 1 or Objective-C in order to learn how to integrate them with Swift 2 syntax.
  • Used JavaScript with PebbleJS framework to write the Pebble Honey Bee app's UI/UX by doing quick emulation in both CloudPebble IDE and Pebble SDK in command line.
  • Used Swift 2 to build the native task manager app for the iPhone.
  • Used Balsamic for wireframing.
  • Used Photoshop, Illustrator, HyperDither to design and export creatives for use in both the iOS and Pebble apps.


  • We were able to create functioning components for the work we divided up, but we did not have time to successfully integrate our pieces in order to have the devices communicate to each other.
  • The blocker was not being aware that writing in Xcode does not behave in the manner we usually expect with git, which blocked us from integrating with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning how to not only implement the Google Maps API into an iOS app, but to send JSON after successful triangulation.
  • Making a functioning Pebble app.
  • Learning and programming apps in iOS/Swift and Pebble. Never programmed hardware before.
  • Finding out very efficient tricks/workflows on Illustrator during the creative design process.
  • Still awake!!
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