With our busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to remember where our most coveted items are & when they need replacing. This problem is amplified for our elderly. We wanted to create a product that could help solve these problems while also having an easy to use interface.

What it does

This app allows a user to view items in different rooms around the house, modify expiration/replacement dates, and set descriptions to define the location of the items in these rooms. The app is set with a predefined list of items so there is no additional work required on the user's end, meaning this app is ready out of the box.

How we built it

  • UI/UX design was done in Adobe XD to create an easy to use interface
  • Java and Android Studio were used to create the front and backend of the Android app

Challenges we ran into

  • Team members have previously used tools in Adobe suite, but because this is the first time that we used Adobe XD to create designs, there was an initial learning curve
  • Taking icons/graphics from Adobe XD and implementing this work into the android app
  • Learning new methods/functions to implement idea in Android Studio
  • Trying to figure out how to implement the backend in the app - we tried implementing MongoDB stitch and Firebase, but due to time constraints we used java methods/functions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Have the opportunity to learn new Adobe suite products that we can now use for other projects
  • Only one of our team members has developed apps before to some degree, so it was amazing to learn the inner workings of how an app is made using Java and Android Studio

What's next for Homestock

  • Allow users to add items manually with a library of icons to choose from
  • User accounts - using an authorization system, fingerprint authorization , etc…
  • Linking data to a database instead of storing right on the app
  • Setting menus - add additional settings to allow further customization for the user
  • Infinite scrolling list
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