Home Room

An application to facilitate communication between parents, students, and teachers in order to facilitate accessibility to technology for families who may not have those resources

Our Story COVID-19 has had a major impact in our communities. Our Chers have been struggling to provide quality education to students, while the students and parents have had a hard time obtaining the resources need to continue learning at home. Our application is meant to facilitate communications between families and teachers to in order to make it easier for families to get the technology they need for the students.

How It Works Home Room allows teachers to facilitate the communication of resources like computers for student who don't have the technology at home. It also provides their teacher information in an easy to access manner to know their class schedule, how to contact them, upcoming assignments, as well as future events. It also facilitates communication between parents and teachers so that they can ensure the students not only get the resources they need but also assistance they need. This is essential as many parents have had to step into the shoes of teacher and begin helping teach their kids during quarantine. We hope through these function this will help teacher better connect with students as well as facilitate communication among teacher and parents.

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