Processing big data involves many machines working together in a cluster. These can be expensive and hard to set up. HitHive allows website owners to use their site's visitors to complete map-reduce tasks and process large datasets while they're browsing your site.

Bloggers can make money with our platform without having to host visible advertisements. Academics and data scientists can use our platform to process data at a very low cost and none of the set-up pains.

Users no longer have to view ads to support the creation of the content they consume, and instead help scientists solve the world's most difficult problems.

How it works

Users of our service upload their map and reduce functions along with their dataset. Once a payment is made, the user is given some generated javascript code to paste into their website. When people visit the website, their device will run this code and process small data chunks in the background using the provided functions. We use python Flask with MySQL to host a restful api that allows browsers to retrieve and send back this data. Website viewers only get small portions of data at a time, which means they can view site content without any slowdown issues.

What's next for HitHive

We intend on expanding HitHive to provide a platform to replace online advertising and affiliate programs with a much more profitable solution for webmasters.

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