An augmented reality (AR) hide and seek app that provides a new and exciting twist on a classic childhood game and allows you to play with virtual characters in a park

What it does

This is a fun and interactive way to spend time outdoors. Using the app, you can visit your local park and choose to play as one of the virtual characters or as the seeker. The virtual characters are intelligent enough to hide behind trees, bushes, and other objects within the play area. Use your device's camera to locate and "capture" them as you move through the park. Once you find them, run as fast as you can to the "Base" before they get there first! Find and beat to the "Base" all of them to win. And then, be yourself a hider, hide from the virtual seeker and stay hidden for as long as it is required (time limit), to win the round.

How I built it

Created during a Niantic Lightship Hackathon, winter 2022 - 23. Made with Lightship ARDK.

Built With

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