Currently, the networking tools online are fractured into specific categories. This doesn't reflect how our lives are lived. Work and home blend, and so should the tools to help you succeed.

What it does

herVillage addresses the challenges of women and mother entrepreneurs by leveraging existing contacts from Google. We identify your immediate and long term needs, and with help from Twilio and TaskRouter we match your needs with someone else who can give back. Need someone to pick up John from soccer, but you and your partner are stuck at the office? herVillage will be there for you. Starting a company and need advice from someone with fundraising experience? herVillage will match you with a mentor. Do you offer a skill that you'd like to share with your circle of friends? List it and we'll find you business.

How I built it

Firebase Twilio API materialize mean stack Google API Javascript (Angular / JQuery / Node) TaskRouter

Challenges I ran into

Hooking user inputs into Twilio calls

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using the TaskRouter API to match available contacts with a need. Great to see the text alert come through on my phone!

What I learned

Building out this kind of functionality takes much more than 24 hours.

What's next for herVillage

We're looking forward to adding users and making use of the taskrouter task management. I would have loved to have herVillage when I virtually pitched this to watch my kids for 5 minutes!

Built With

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