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HerVenture is an innovative platform that aims to give women the tools to take control of and expand their professional horizons. Through the resume scanner in the app, HerVenture allows its users to review their resumes, thoroughly represent their skill sets, and build dynamic professional networks. Additionally, HerVenture’s forum enables women to connect with employers and fellow young professionals alike, fostering lasting relationships and cultivating an ever-supportive dialog among women. With in-app and online resources for learning and mentorship, HerVenture empowers women not only to facilitate their professional networks in the present, but to continue to grow in their professions going forward as well.


Being women in tech who are new to the professional world ourselves, we realized there is a lack of professional networking solely for women on the market, and, in addition, networking for those who are new professionals.

What it does

HerVenture comprises an Android app and a companion blog-style website.

The app is the interface on which HerVenture primarily operates. There are several tabs for those who are interested to explore, such as an organizational calendar, a chat forum, resume scanning and reviewing, and resources linked through the app. These are accessible through a navigation drawer that can be readily used throughout runtime. With lots of features, this app promises to help young women develop their professional skills and portfolio. This integrates both Java (backend) and XML (frontend) over Android Studio.

The website is meant to be a resource for women to be able to stay up to date with news, developments, and events pertaining to their professional development. The site features a resources tab, which is divided into three sections: Hackathons, which provides links to female/non-binary hackathons that provide inclusive and welcoming environments for women to develop and hone their skills; Programs, which links to fellowships and conferences that focus on gathering women to celebrate and empower them in their professional and academic lives; and Volunteer, which provides links to mentoring and volunteering opportunities for those who wish to teach and encourage high school and college women as they begin their careers in tech fields. The News tab of the HerVenture website features a gallery of news articles from across the web that focus on the impact and accomplishments of women in STEM fields, providing encouragement and much-needed exposure and representation for professional women. Finally, to continue the theme of an open, constant dialog created in the Forum portion of the HerVenture app, the Contact Us tab of the HerVenture website includes a form where site visitors can ask questions, suggest events/opportunities to be added to the site, or simply drop in and say hello.

How we built it

The HerVenture app was written in Java and XML on Android Studio, and was written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The logo and certain UI aspects of the website were created with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We knew we wanted to create 2 different platforms—an app and a website—that would complement each other, and because we are a 2-person team, that meant each of us would need to focus on the separate platforms while still making sure to collaborate to create a cohesive, relatively polished project. Additionally, both of us were new to some of the languages and tools that we used to create our respective aspects of HerVenture, so we're proud of utilizing new technologies and being able to work separately on 2 halves of the project.

What we learned

In each of our own ways, we learned a lot about the software which we were working with and a little bit about ourselves. From figuring out how to train a chatbot model to answer a variety of questions to creating smooth and beautiful transitions on the website, we discovered a lot more than we expected, and that we could do pretty cool things while at it.

What's next for HerVenture

We want to be able to better implement a calendar to accept events. In addition, we would like to integrate the chatbot that we designed, make some changes to the website, and implement scanning and analysis of document photos for the "resume review".

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