Tribune is inspired by a lack of unity between services such as Google News and widespread map technologies.

What it does

Tribune overlays content and data about specific locations on their StreetView panoramas. Tribune additionally locates points of interest nearby, and can indicate the presence of other users by way of multiple user markers.

How we built it

Tribune is built on the Google Maps and Google Streetview API, and implements APIs provided by Yelp, Foursquare, Wikipedia, and Everyblock in order to aggregate information about places and points of interests. The Everyblock API is used in order to obtain information about certain locales in cities, or metros, which experience higher degrees of activity (and thus require more involved means of collecting information). Meteor.js provides a simple, robust framework upon which user interaction and efficient scaling can take place.

What's next

Tribune can be expanded to display other types of content, such as statistical information, and has applications in educational technology, where a visualization-heavy informational experience (such as that offered by Tribune) lends itself to effective student learning.

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