Inspiration - We started off with the general idea of helping endangered animals in Canada. We narrowed it down to sea otters that are currently endangered. We researched the causes and conditions of the otters and decided to create an educational game so that people can learn more about why otters are endangered and what they can do to help.

What it does - The game takes you through several levels, each displaying a reason for the decrease in otter population. It also contains a link for people to go to and be able to donate to an organization that is working towards helping these otters to sustain in their habitat. One of our team members was responsible for creating the game.

How we created it - Hylian used Scratch to code a game that has an otter character going through the course. Each level has different objects that the otter has to avoid like plastic waste and oil spills.In addition to the game Kasturi created a poster using Adobe Illustrator that can be used for advertising the project and giving people access to the game. The final team member, Anandi used PowerPoint for creating a detailed and informative slide deck to explain our project, and create a short pitch video.

Challenges - Some challenges we ran into were figuring out the plan and purpose of the game, apart from being educational so we connected the game to a donation website. It was difficult for us to make the game fun and give it a purpose at the same time, but we successfully completed it.

Accomplishments - Kasturi created a fun and exciting poster that's eye-catching and has a good marketing design. Hylian was successfully able to create a game that functions well, is really fun to play, and serves the purpose of educating people. Anandi created a well informative slide deck and narrated the pitch video that including all our opinions about the project.

What we learned

We all learned some new skills during the course of this Hackathon. Kasturi and Anandi learned MIT App Developer, basics of HTML and CSS. In addition to that Anandi learned to code basics in python, and Kasturi learned new skills in digital art. Hylian and everyone learnt to coordinate with a team and manage time efficiently so that work can be completed in time.

What's next for Helping Endangered Canadian Sea Otters - Our organization is a non-government organization that can continue to work towards helping endangered otters. In the future if our marketing works we can hire wildlife conservationists and create our own team that goes out in the field to preserve and help otters with the help of donations from people and large corporations. Our game can be developed into an app that people can download, and the purchases on the app can be used to fund our field work.

The donation page that people can donate money to:

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