LAUNCH! Hackathon 2015 WINNER!!! Best Design - Presented by InVison

Everyone has forgotten someone's name, it's even worse when you've met the person more than once. Introducing hello, an iOS app that helps you remember people from your social and business life.

Syncing from Facebook and LinkedIn, hello creates a flashcard style quiz game that allows you to quickly see who's going to be at an event and quiz yourself on their name using their profile picture. Speech to text technology and natural language processing allow you to simply say the name if you feel like practicing out loud. Hints are given for incorrect answers and two wrong guesses will put a contact back in the queue. Practice until you've cleared the event queue.

Great for business meetings (Create a quiz using your LinkedIn contacts sorted by company)

Great for social events (Create a quiz using your Facebook contacts going to a specific event)

Future Ideas: Sync with Gmail. Sync with Sync with Applications in the medical field? (alzheimers, etc.)

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