We considered many things that we have witnessed within our communities, but issues that stood out to us the most are domestic violence and sexual assault. As serious and sensitive issues, they are topics that the underrepresented, minority community is generally afraid to discuss. With the development of this app, we are making these situations impossible to ignore. We want people to know that there are resources and others that care about them and what they go through.

What it does

It imitates an online makeup shopping app, such as the E.L.F app or the Sephora app. But in reality, it easily navigates victims to safely get help in whatever situation they may be in. To the unassuming glance, it may seem as though someone is just ordering makeup. However, each makeup choice takes them to whichever safety option they are in need of, whether it be an emergency response or safe houses to retreat to.

The following is a breakdown of our app’s buttons and functions:

View Products *Is Displayed as Makeup options for the user to pick from *Is actually coded language: **Each makeup item is a scenario *Once an order is made, it takes the user to a text message thread, confirming their order and, in coded language, lets them know that help is on the way

Chat with a Rep *Immediately offers the user to call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline

Application Tips *Opens a text message thread of tips to remember in a domestic violence situation

Find Locations Near You *Locates the nearest safe house or shelter for the user

Checkout Only reserved for extreme purposes *Automatically calls emergency services for the user *Asks the user to confirm their choice before dialing the number

How we built it

We built it with Figma, a prototyping software. Figma already has an iPhone 11 Pro emulator built-in. We used a Facebook iOS 11 UI Kit as well.

Challenges we ran into

We actually had to restart the project several times because of software issues. The software we used before was either non-collaborative, had limited features, or had an extremely steep learning curve. Also, while I was more versed in the functionality of the app, they were well-versed in design. Needless to say, at first our ideas didn't translate well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of our ease of collaboration and how well we were about to generate ideas without confusion or misunderstanding. We are also proud of the amount of work we each contributed to the making of this app. The execution of the design was more than we anticipated.

What we learned

We experienced mobile app development cycle. We also learned how to work well with people from different technical backgrounds. We learned how to use UI kits, and how to import and use vectors.

What's next for "Hello, Gorgeous!"

"Hello, Gorgeous!" will continue to raise awareness of domestic violence within one's community. Also, we hope to increase the number of safe houses and shelters available in the community. We also hope to add a feature that caters to men, people who identify as male, or non binary people as well.

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