One of the team Member's grandparent had recently undergone a bypass surgery. Post surgery he had to be placed under constant monitoring because of the delicate situation. Since it was close to impossible to have any individual under a constant monitor and not everyone can afford a nurse or a doctor we realised that there was no mobile solution in the market that was effective enough to monitor the health situation of an individual. That's when we came up with the idea.

What it does

HeartCare is an application that gives any user real-time ECG readings. The app is connected to a system which consists of an ECG sensor and a GPS module which is interfaced with the Genuino 101. The Genuino 101 uses the ESP8266 WiFi module to transmit the ECG values and the patient’s location to a server. The app obtains the values from the server and displays a real time graph for the patient and doctor to monitor the heart rate. The ECG sensor is what sets apart the HeartCare system from other similar products in the market because the ECG signal is accurate.

How we built it

We used an AD8232, a GPS module, Arduino 101, ESP8266, Android studio to develop the app, a web console for uploading data to server (

Challenges we ran into

  • Real time graph implementation in the Android Application
  • Accurate ECG readings
  • Getting a satellite lock in the GPS module

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A contribution to a huge market, for a good social cause
  • A groundbreaking implementation
  • A great learning experience

What we learned

  • We learnt to implement a real time graph in the android application.
  • We learned to configure an existing server and to also upload and download data.

What's next for HeartCare

  • Include multiple health monitoring systems and not restricting it to just ECG, making it accessible to a wider market.
  • Reduction of circuit size, and designing a monolithic IC
  • Integrating data analytics to study ECG patterns

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