What it does

 It is a dungeon crawler game where you go to different rooms. In the first room, you face off with a dinosaur and have to 
 kill it using a gun character. In the second room, you have to answer an educational question. Finally, in the last room, 
 you answer a True or False question which then takes you to the last room, leading to your inevitable loss. Sucks to be 

How I built it

 We used the pygame library in python to create this game. We got character animations from shutterstock and went 
 into Illustrator to adjust the character animations to our liking. Then, we imported the images into our code, created 
 classes for the different objects and graphics in the game, drew them on the screen, and added code to make them 
 interact with each other. 

Challenges I ran into

 This was our very first hackathon and game development experience. One of my partners hadn't even touched pygame 
 before this experience. Furthermore, I was a bit inexperienced with classes. Learning to implement changes in 
 pygame, make character animations, make graphics interact with each other, and using object oriented programming 
 above it all was a challenge. However, with tutorials and some of our own thinking, we managed to make progress and 
 take our first steps into game development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 The accomplishments that we are really proud of are taking our first steps into game development and making object 
 oriented programming. This was our very first hackathon and coming this far from zero knowledge is one thing we both 
 are really proud of

What I learned

 We learned how to use classes and object oriented programming in python. 

What's next for Headshot Loss

 Recycling bin --> creating a better game in the future.
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