Hax is a fast-paced retro game with intense multiplayer action. Strategize to take down your opponent by finding a path to the other side.

Pathfinding, and retro gaming: what more could a HackBU Hacker ask for?

Developed By:

Zachary Feuerstein, Zachary Lite, and Isaac Patka


Move up and down and fire at the right block to remove it from the board and watch all connected blocks disappear as well. If you fire at a block that is connected with the same color all the way to the other side the other player will lose health. First player to get rid of the the other players health wins.


Press 1 to play against a strategic AI

Press 2 to play against a friend

Player 1 Controls: W = up, S = down, Left Shift = fire

Player 2 Controls: Up Arrow = up, Down Arrow = down, Right Shift = fire

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