GeoGuesser is a fun game which went viral in the middle of the pandemic, but after having played for a long time, it started feeling tedious and boring. Our Discord bot tries to freshen up the stale air by providing a playlist of iconic locations in addendum to exciting trivia like movies and monuments for that extra hit of dopamine when you get the right answers!

What it does

The bot provides you with playlist options, currently restricted to Capital Cities of the World, Horror Movie Locations, and Landmarks of the World. After selecting a playlist, five random locations are chosen from a list of curated locations. You are then provided a picture from which you have to guess the location and the bit of trivia associated with the location, like the name of the movie from which we selected the location. You get points for how close you are to the location and if you got the bit of trivia correct or not.

How we built it

We used the library for actually coding the bot and interfacing it with discord. We stored our playlist data in external excel sheets which we parsed through as required. We utilized the google-streetview and googlemaps python libraries for accessing the google maps streetview APIs.

Challenges we ran into

For initially storing the data, we thought to use a playlist class while storing the playlist data as an array of playlist objects, but instead used excel for easier storage and updating. We also had some problems with the Google Maps Static Streetview API in the beginning, but they were mostly syntax and understanding issues which were overcome soon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the Discord bot working and sending images from the API for the first time gave us an incredible feeling of satisfaction, as did implementing the input/output flows. Our points calculation system based on the Haversine Formula for Distances on Spheres was also an accomplishment we're proud of.

What we learned

We learned better syntax and practices for writing Python code. We learnt how to use the Google Cloud Platform and Streetview API. Some of the libraries we delved deeper into were Pandas and pandasql. We also learned a thing or two about Human Computer Interaction as designing an interface for gameplay was rather interesting on Discord.

What's next for Geodude?

Possibly adding more topics, and refining the loading of streetview images to better reflect the actual location.

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