The on going demand from consumers to know more about what they eat.

What it does


  1. scans food and identifies its nutritional values

  2. tracks the journey of the food product

  3. suggests based on the User Profile

How we built it

We build

  1. Mobile App using Android Studio Java , Google Cloud Vision APIs

  2. UI/UX using Design Thinking Practices and Adobe Illustrator as a tool

  3. Block Chain Portal using Azure Cloud Block Chain Platform

Challenges we ran into

  1. Idea formulation
  2. Integration of new platform service by Microsoft Azure

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Working prototype
  2. Excellent team bonding

What we learned

  1. Evaluation of several technologies from Microsoft, Google and IBM for implementation of our solution
  2. Enhanced team engagement and motivation

What's next for Nutrax

  1. Open to collaborate with Smart City Initiators to implement it in production.
  2. Acquiring real data for enrichment of our data models for further analysis to understand the consumer behavior and improve shopping experiences

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