Inspired by the Making the Mundane Fun prize category, our team immediately focused on helping users achieve long-term goals. We observed a surge in cooking at the start of lockdown, and wanted to keep that momentum going with a simple yet entertaining app to inspire users to enjoy cooking in the long term.

What it does

With the login system, each user stores their own personalized information. The homepage allows users to track when they cooked and when they didn’t to show a visual of their daily cooking routine. Weekly challenges add interest to cooking, randomly generating an ingredient of the week to cook with, which earns you bonus points to go toward purchasing more plants. The garden is a fun game for users to design a personal space. The more you level up, the more plants you can add.

How we built it

We built the app through Android Studio using Java. The UI images were created using Adobe Illustrator and the authentication was achieved through a Firebase database.

Challenges we ran into

Although the project was relatively smooth sailing, we did run into some challenges along the way. The biggest challenge was implementing the Firebase database. We also experienced some difficulties with adding a clickable image grid to our garden pop-up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First, our team was rather unfamiliar with Android Studio. We learned a lot about implementing a project in Android Studio. As well, Firebase was a new tool for our team. Although it was a challenge to get the implementation running we are proud of the authentication. Finally, this was the first time the team member who created the UI images had done so and we are proud of their achievements!

What we learned

Overall, we learned a lot about Firebase, UI creation and implementing projects in Android Studio.

What's next for Harvest

In the future, we hope to fully implement user-associated data and a platform to share latest creations with your friends to further personalize the app and include a broader community aspect.

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