Social media allows a vast amount of information to be disseminated among its users at lightning speed! However, it leads to information overload which in turn has a negative impact on our society. According to a survey conducted, approximately 63% Americans believe that the social media has a negative impact on our society. They say that this is due to the amount of misinformation available and the negativity and harassment they find on social media. That’s why we created Happy so that you can find your happy place online!

What It Does

Happy comes with a built in fact checker and filters negative posts. This way, it ensures that your news feed is free from negativity and misinformation.

How We Built It

  • React Native
  • MongoDB
  • Sentiment Analysis using NLTK
  • Google Fact Check Tool API


  • Devpost account got suspended :(
  • Video editor crashed :(

What’s Next for Happy

Beta launch

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