Happy Heart is a series of applications that allows users to keep track of their emotions throughout the day based on their changing heart rates. After researching the correlation between mood and heart rate, we were able to find heart rate ranges that signify what emotion they experienced.

How it Works

The Microsoft Band connects to our Happy Heart iOS application. The Band will live feed heart rate data to the application and allow users to personalize their data. At this point, the application will determine which mood you are experiencing every half an hour and notify the user to write a message indicating what they were experiencing during that time(i.e. they are happy because they won a soccer game). All data is stored in the cloud, and is pushed from MongoDb. From there, this data is pushed to the web application, hosted on Microsoft Azure, where we used D3 and Beaker to create a visualization of the user's heart rate compared to time of day. At this point the web application determines what your average mood of the day was and then will make a recommendation for you to change your mood to the desired mood. So, for example, if your day averages depressed, the application will recommend for you to watch a video of puppies and link you straight to it.

Changing the World

The real world application of this project is to help patients suffering from mental illness track their triggers. This will let them know what life events trigger different emotions, and it will allow doctors to track their patients emotions. For example, this will help doctors understand the mood swings and emotion differentiations of patients with BiPolar Disorder as well as help those with anxiety track what their trigger events are for panic attacks.

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