The inspiration is from what we know from "resolution", nothing related to tech, but make a deal, make a business. Shaking hands is the signal for the resolution, about the success or the way to success. What makes the resolution? Well, choose the right person to shake your hand. This is what our idea from.

What it does

By tapping the Handshaking button to shake your hand to the right person, or tapping the Thumb down button to deny the handshake with the wrong choice, it is what you need to react in this game. You have three lives, and each time you hit the wrong button or wrong timing, your lives will reduce. In contrast, if you hit the right button, you will add one life, and the upper limit lives are three times. Once you lose all the lives, the game ends.

How we built it

We got the initial idea and make a plan very quickly. By following the plan, we get our first playable game in one day. Also, we taking time to add details, sounds and tweak the parameter at the last moment.

Challenges we ran into

Unity crush issue, mostly. Extremely short time with two people, because we began from Saturday night.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It really works, really fun and humorous.

What we learned

Starting early is always an advantage. When we couldn't find what to do next, prioritizing is helpful. Scoping limits really works for the short time and small group in the game jam.

What's next for Handshake

We will build a better quality version with animations, fancy sound, and smooth program. And we plan to publish in the Appstore in few weeks.

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