Pandaemic Situation is my Inspiration

Our lives are struck since this pandaemic has hit us very hard, I thought why can't I make a cartoon version inspired by this situation and got this amazing idea to potray this situation. This shows us how a battle like situation is going on worldwide with the COVID-19 disease. Only those can win who follow safety guidelines , wear masks and obeying safety protocols.


I've made this whole prototype with FIGMA and some basic knowledge of Illustrator. Firstly I took an inspiration and started making it from scratch. Every body part/element is made up of pen and pencil tool in figma. The minute details are done by pencil tool. I also use video editing skills for making the video.


The main challenge is to make every element accurate and worth seeing. This actually taken a lot of time as it was very difficult to exactly copy the same body part using vectors. Assembling elements are yet another task which is time taking.

The result came out to be wothy and I learned a lot about digital art.

Looking forwards to have opportunity to participate in such more amazing hackathons!!

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