Since almost all of the members are avid fans of Pokemon Go, we were inspired by the game's location-enabled aspect. We decided to combine this popular feature with real estate, and wondered what the possibilities could be if normal commuters were notified of vacant apartments near them (that, in often cases, would be ignored due to the hustle and bustle of daily life).

What it does

HouseQuest uses GPS technology, in conjunction with a detailed real-estate database to match users with their apartment of preference. The app, after accepting and parsing users' preferences, continually filters through vacant apartments in a reasonable yet walking-distance radius. If the optimum match is found, the app notifies the user and provides them the exact location of the apartment, including details such as price, and agent contact number.

Hence, the user is able to simply walk a few minutes to the exact location of the building and, taking advantage of this fact, is able to judge the neighborhood, feasibility of the building, etc. using first-hand knowledge.

How we built it

We used a Bootstrap-based HTML front end, coupled with JavaScript backend, to produce a mobile-friendly web app. We are using the Google Maps API to incorporate location-pinpointing technology, and are using GeoLocation to track users during their daily commute. In addition to this, we are using a self-generated real-estate database for demonstration purposes.

Challenges we ran into

As hinted towards previously, we were unsuccessful in real-estate APIs offered by - for example, Zillow, or StreetEasy. We created a comprehensive JavaScript procedure to generate houses, as an alternative.

Another thing that was a bit complicated was the incorporation of the back-end to the front-end, though this was successfully done by the end.

What we learned

Above all obvious things (programming-related things), we learned how to communicate within of a team and collaborate productively.

What's next for HouseQuest?

We believe in our idea with a passion. In the future, we would love to make an official Mobile Application, and possibly a startup revolving around the central theme of HouseQuest.

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