We found it difficult for students in using OASIS and myDegree separately to find the best schedules while planning. Our idea is to combine the functions of OASIS and myDegree in order to facilitate students in schedule planning in the future. We targeted the CS major students by creating a visual representation of the relationship of the preparatory course and the core course.

What it does

The website allows users to easily plan out their schedules by inputting taken, in progress and completed courses on the website. Then highlights the courses taken on the visual representation in order to view the required courses more easily.

How we built it

We used HTML for the frontend to create the webpage and Django and Python for backend and postgreSQL for the database. The visualization requires the .svg file to

Challenges we ran into

We do not have prior experience in HTML and we do not have access to the general catalog to access other majors the course information from a database. Therefore we have limited time to only focus on the CS major preparatory and core courses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea we have can help not only the CS major but also practical for all other majors in general.

What we learned

HTML and how this tool can definitely help students in the future if we have more time to work on it.

What's next for hackdavis2019

We want to add the feature of sharing college academic experience with different tracks from alumni. We also want to build a user interactive website that students can see others’ schedule plans. We are also looking into adding the database to not only the CS students but all other majors as well. This tool(if completed with accessible database)can be used widely in education across the country or internationally for anyone to learn about the graduation checklist while planning their schedule.

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