Sirb : We choose to name the project Sirb, which is the arabic word for a flock of birds, because we aim to mange the crowd and make it look like a one synchronized whole moving in harmony.

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What it does

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In short, the core idea is when a pilgrim is having an emergency situation, the surrounding pilgrims are notified to clear the way, and the nearest agent of authority ( could be either from medical staff or security ) is notified so he could take care of the situation and/or call for an ambulance if needed. For the ambulance part, we will locate the nearest entry and define the optimal path from the emergency place the that entry, then we will ask the crowd to clear the way by making their smartphone vibrate, the intensity of vibration decreases when he gets away from the place and stops when he is out of the passageway. The radius of the zone gets bigger if the situation isn't being taken care of.

The solution is quite simple and requires only a smartphone.

Technically speaking, the solution is a set of mobile apps : the first is for the pilgrims, and the second for the managers

The first app, offers the following features to the pilgrims :

  • Asking for help when having a medical emergency or a critical situations ( Lost, Fire, Suspecious person, ... ) : This will notify the crowd to clear the path and the authorities to intervene
  • Information about Hajj
  • Directions from current location

The second app, is for the authorities representatives which includes :

  • Call for ambulance or if he needs assistance by sending his position
  • Mark a situation as "being taken care of" to let other agents help other cases

How we built it

We used a new way of developping mobile apps, which is react-native with nodejs as backend, and for most of us it was the first time we use this technology, but we made a product in 48 hours that we are proud of.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge is that this idea wasn't our first idea, at first, we wanted to make an idea about a bracelet, and we moved with that idea, but we were afraid that the judges would consider it as "hardware", because the fundamental rule of the hackathon was to not use any hardware, so we lost a big amount of time to start again and look for a new idea, that led us to, Sirb.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of what we managed to achieve in 3 days only, whatever results will be. The design was great, the prototype was functional and all this have been done by some young talented students that I'm sure they will shine in the future.

What we learned

We learned that the motivation behind an idea or a project isn't always financial, but could be something so much more important, which is the benediction of Allah.

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