-Unfair oil prices in 2022


-Mystery Soda Vending Machine in Capitol Hill

-Call of Duty: World at War: Shi No Numa: Random Drink Vending Machine Locations

What it does

Robotic oil pump controlled by a fair price smart contract using WTI/USD and MATIC/USD. Vocktails pours random drinks using a robotic pump. Uses Chainlink: pricefeeds, keepers, API requests, VRFv2.

How we built it


Smart contracts: Solidity, Hardhat, Solidity Coverage.

Frontend: web3.js, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Fleek (Filecoin and IPFS hosting GitHub pages)

Robotics: Raspberry Pi 4, Robotic Pump and electrical components, Mumbai Quicknode WSS endpoint, Golang (fast, hard to program), Geth library, Gobot library, Node.js (slow, easy to program for quick testing)

Challenges we ran into

Wiring the pump and making sure the hardware was working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Robotic pump is working with Golang GPIO control logic.

What we learned

Wiring up a robotic pump is difficult since you need to be careful you have the right hardware.

What's next for GweiPump

Chainlink pricefeed WTI/USD is not supported on Mumbai but on Ethererum Mainnet. Ideally two ways to get this instead of a regular JSON API that was used:

-Universal Adapter (offline during this hackathon)

-CCIP (still not available yet)

Built With

  • chainlink
  • filecoin
  • ipfs
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