We noticed there weren't really any social media based tutoring services available on the market. Right now kids have the option to get a private tutor, which is too expensive for most people, or find a college student or someone else knowledgeable in a subject to tutor him/her, which is difficult to set up and coordinate.

There are many people who want to tutor and there are many kids who need a tutor, but it is often difficult to connect these two. That is what this app is for. We believe that this app has the potential to especially help lower income students find tutors at an affordable price, something that was much harder before.

What it does

The user logs in to this app, maybe through facebook. Upon logging in, they will see a list of subjects, and a search bar to search a specific subject. Once a subject is selected, a list of tutors with a price and reviews will show up in the surrounding 20 miles will populate a list, with options to sort by price, distance, or reviews. The user then has the option to click on a tutor's profile to see his/her reviews, subjects taught, or any other information, or the user can email the tutor (in the future we plan to implement a built in chat feature) to contact them about their services. A user can also sign up to be a tutor, in a side menu, or in a subject list, in which they just need to fill out a form.

How I built it

Using swift Parse FB SDK used as well for login

Challenges I ran into

Getting everything done on time, we didn't know much going in, so there was a steep learning curve.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite this steep learning curve we managed to get a product out.

What I learned

I learned much more about swift and parse backend.

What's next for Guru

Implement transfer of money feature, chat feature, improve UI.

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